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AEROSIL® 200 Pharma

AEROSIL® 200 Pharma is a high purity amorphous anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide for use in pharmaceutical products which
fulfils the analytical requirements of the currently valid versions of the European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.), United States Pharmacopeia (USP/NF), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) and Indian Pharmacopoeia** (IP). It is tested and certified according to pharmacopoeia methods. It fulfils purity criteria of E551 according to 231/2012 EU.

In our production locations in Rheinfelden, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium, AEROSIL® 200 Pharma is manufactured and packaged according to IPEC/GMP and HACCP. The production and packaging process has been audited and fulfills the requirements of regulations EC No. 852/2004.

TAMC (total aerobic microbial count) , TYMC (total combined yeast and mould count) and Gram-negative bacteria are tested on a regular basis acc. to USP.

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This product is available in:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Americas
  • China
  • Japan
  • Asia Pacific


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